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Anton Egorov

Software Engineer from Moscow

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I’m a Software Engineer working in the Web and Mobile development industry since 2007. I build my products with Python, JavaScript and Go languages and use Docker and Serverless for deployments. I work a lot with modern Cloud Providers (AWS and Google Cloud Platform) and have great experience with building infrastructure based on Kubernetes.


I founded Mothership in June 2017 with my friend and business partner Arseny Zarechnev. At Mothership we are joining forces with e-Residence and our mission is to make Estonia #1 country for starting blockchain businesses. Estonia is a great place to do business, with 100% remote government services, progressive laws and unique tax system. Mothership will provide a clear legal framework and a token market for new blockchain startups, a gateway between banks and cryptocurrencies and a secure and robust exchange at its core.


I founded Sabaka, a software development consultancy firm, in April 2016 with my friend Arseny Zarechnev. Our goal was to use our great tech experience to build great products. We started with DevOps and Cloud strategies consultancy and did a bunch of projects helping our customers to start using Docker and create infrastructure at AWS or Google Cloud Platform. Then we focused on mobile projects, our latest customer was Closet Hop.


Before Mothership and Sabaka I participated in a few startups. The latest one is Ostrovok, a Russian Online Travel Agency. I joined the core team in the very beginning, in May 2011, and worked on the fist version of OTA service. Then I was a Senior Developer at Extranet team, which developed a service for hoteliers to fill their hotels rates and availability. And, in the end, I joined a DevOps team to maintain Image Storage and GIS services, and help developers to pack their software into Docker containers, which is our choice for production deployment. I left Ostrovok in June 2016 to focus on my own projects and have a freelance job.

Talks and Slides

Most of my public talks was made for Russian Python Community:

I like healthy lifestyle, running and yoga, I’m a vegetarian. I like to play acoustic guitar and some ethnical instruments. I like board games, especially CCGs (a big fan of Magic: The Gathering, but quit at the moment). Now, I’m playing Duelyst and Hearthstone.